Monday, July 7, 2014


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I write to you based on the meeting held consigning your compensated funds attached via ATM MasterCard value sum of $2.500.000.00 for installmental withdraw usage as previously approved by the board of directors, which a concrete shipping arrangement was made with the courier service to have your parcel ATM MasterCard delivered immediately the shipping terms and condition is been fulfilled in favor to have your parcel ATM MasterCard delivered for usage. The courier director wrote several emails to you and waited for your response, which you never responded so they can secure the shipping paper works required to commence delivery. Since you ignored response with the courier terms to have your parcel ATM MasterCard delivered to your door address for pick up, the shipping authorities have just terminated the shipment with their service and your parcel ATM MasterCard has been returned back to this office. Now i am thinking of securing an Online Banking Account in your Name here and make total deposit of your funds from your ATM MasterCard into the online account. Once we hear from you with permission to commence with our idea of depositing your funds value of $2.500.000.00 (Two million five hundred Thousand united state dollars) into your Online Account with (GT Bank Plc) here,and the Bank will issue you details, Login User and Password to make transfer from your account here to your personal Bank account there. The method is very strategic and the transfer will be personal, and your funds transfer will reflect into your account without stress. We are ready to setup this account with (GT Bank Plc) that is if your desire this method by reconfirming the bellow details as indicated to proceed.

Your Full Name:
Your Address:
Your Nationality:
Your Next Of Kin:
Your Present Country:
Your Direct Cell Number:

As soon as we hear from you with the details information required, we shall immediately proceed to GoldenGate Trust Bank, to complete setup processing of your Online Banking Account and commence total deposit of your Funds value into your online Account with immediate effect. The transfer charges is only going to cost you $380.00 and your funds will reflect as soon as paid. Once all processing is completed, the Bank shall forward Certificate of Deposit in your name issued by the (GT Bank Plc) so you can commence with your funds transfer immediately. We look forward to hear from you to proceed. We await to settle your remittance with the transferring Bank.

My Sincere Regards,
Mr.Anthony Morrison

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