Monday, July 21, 2014

Serious Update. 07/19/2014

Hello Sir,

I am Air links Diplomatic agent Michael Beasley, a US citizen, working with the United Nations International Monetary Funds Agency United Kingdom, I am contacting you here in Califonia sandiego airport USA, This is in respect of (2) two consignment boxes I have being assigned by the Supreme court to make this delivery to you. The British and U.S Government released these boxes for delivery to their respective beneficiaries, upon investigations conducted, Your Name was found Tagged to this (2) two boxes as the Beneficiary/Receiver, it is in this regard that i was appointed to make delivery of your boxes to you in your home address. I am contacting you now because you have to pick me up, at your airport to your destination to complete my delivery to you, all clearance documentation which will be use to clear the boxes at your state are here with me to complete this delivery. I will need your information to confirm with the information i have on file of these boxes, after which i will book flight to meet with you in your closest airport of your destination, below are the information requested off you.

1. Full Name:
2. Destination House Address:
3. Closest Airport to your destination:
4. Copy of your Drivers /passport for your identification:
5. Your direct Mobile Phone Number:

I will attached a copy of my diplomatic passport and send to you for your identification as soon as i hear from you. I await your immediate response within 24 hours at my private email address (

Michael Beasley.

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