Thursday, July 24, 2014

Attention please

Attention please

Greeting from the custom office Atlantic City International Airport,NJ 08234, we are writing to inform you that your package which is in your name was held by this office since October 07 2013, And we notice that content of the parcel is an atm worth $1.5 million united state dollars. So we put it on hold for investigation and after we notice that the funds is legal not a fraud or drug money. We advice you to contact the diplomatic agent Mr.James Mark, with below email address( ) or send him an sms on his cell phone (609) 316-2744 And the only fee which you will be sending to him is for Customs status updated clearance certificate which will cost you the sum of $95 only, call him and he will direct you where to send the needed charge to.

We need your immediate respond towards this message.

Yours services.

Custom department New Jersey, united state of America.

Mrs. Rita William
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  1. These are ALWAYS scams, 100 percent of the time. The "money" and the "ATM cards" do not ever exist. If you send the scammer the $95, you will never see it again and you will not get anything. You might as well put $95 in a shredder. There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever to this rule. Do not send money to scammers, ever.