Thursday, June 26, 2014

Your urgent response needed

From The Desk Of: Dr.Ahmad Sulemani
United Bank For Africa, (UBA)
Regional Zonal Headquarters.
Rep Du Benin

Attention: Dear Beneficiary,

We have received the express mandate and instructions, under the united nations scam victims rehabilitation scheme, after a serious meeting with the top government officials since last month regarding your contract/wining lottery/inheritance fund it was concluded that you are to be paid the sum of {$1.850.000usd} one million eight hundred and fifty thousand, united state dollars. We also inform you that your payment has been programmed through Atm visa card on your name, you can now make withdrawal of $5000usd {five thousand, US dollars} each day until you reach the maximum amount of $50,000usd {fifty thousand US dollars} which is the maximum amount per day as soon as your Atm visa card is been delivered to you. However, it is the pleasure of this office to notify you that your Atm visa card number is 4083052100276719; it has been approved and upgraded in your favour. and it has been duly inter-switched world wide. You can make withdrawal in any location of the atm center of your choice/nearest to you. the Atm visa card have been securely sealed and packed for security reasons which makes it impossible for anyone to view it until its been delivered right at your door-step. Furthermore, you are advised to quickly re-confirm your information and forward to the e-mail address stated below for proper procedure.

Your full name................
Your address..................
Your age......................
Telephone/fax number..........
country of Origin ............

Contact him through this email below:
Name: Mr Claude Leroy
Position: Atm visa card payment center, United Bank For Africa, (UBA)

I have paid for the insurance & delivery fee. the only fee you have to pay is their security keeping fee of 85usd. please indicate the shipment code and ask him how to send their security keeping fee of 85usd before it enters demurage. be warned that failure to send to them 85usd within 72hrs, It may attract a daily increase charges of 20usd. (shipment code awb33xzs).

Dr. Ahmad Sulemani

United Bank For Africa, (UBA)
Regional Zonal Headquarters.
Rep Du Benin

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