Sunday, June 22, 2014

Concierge Desk

Dear Customer,

Be inform that all document in regards of your claims with our bank has been confirmed, as directed by international Monetary Fund.THE approved sum is$12.8m, which we will give you our online bank account customer link to confirm the statement of account as soon as you meet the requirement for online deposit. Ecowas Bank of Africa, our online account customer link will lead you through to check your account balance by using your online account log in access information which we will be send to you,once after you meet the payment for activation of your online account access pin code. The online customer link will enable perform online transfer from your online account to any bank account of your choice nation wide.

On alternative an international ATM MASTER card, can also be issue to you which you can as well use for withdrawal of money from your online bank account, as soon as the account online access pin is activated. We are here to formally inform you that you will pay for activation of the online customer link, so that the link will be send to you and you can resume access on your online account.

Contact our online head department

Contact Dr. Alexandra Green with this Information Below:
Name. Dr. Alexandra Green
Tel Phone:+2348132410319

Upon confirmation of fee for activation of your online access pin code , we will directly release to you online account customer access link.

I will wait to hear from you.

Yours Faithful,
Micheal Alfred

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