Thursday, September 5, 2013


Good Day My Dear,

The UNITED NATIONS IN Affiliation with UBA BANK have agreed to
compensate you with the sum of US$1,950,000.00, for self support.This
is regarding the draws he organized before he left the office to help
individuals to own a self charity organization also for your to build
your Personal Company/organization so as to help the less privileged

This includes every foreign contractors that may have not received
their contract, inheritance sum, and people that have had an
unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to
Government problems and the World financial Crisis etc. We found your
name in the list of those who are to benefit from these compensation
exercise and that is why we are contacting you.

I'm obliged to inform you that I have Paid the fee for the
Compensation award Bank Draft Cheque, for self support, I discovered
that before the cheque will get to your hand that it will expire. So I
to cash the $1.950,000.00, to cash payment to avoid losing this funds
under expiration as I will be out of the country for a 3 Months
Course. What you have to do now is to contact the TNT Express Courier
( ) as soon as possible to know when they
will deliver your Consignment package to you immediately.For your
information, I have paid for the yellow tag fee and delivery Charge.

The only money you will send to the TNT Diplomatic Courier to deliver
your Consignment Package direct to your postal Address in your country
is US$115 only being Security Keeping Fee for the TNT Courier Service
so far. I would have paid that but they said no because they don't
know when you will contact them and in case of dumourrage on your
Package with them.

Please write a letter of application to the given address below:

Company Name: TNT Diplomatic Courier
Manager. Nelson Fabian

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Contact details.
Your full names................
Your Contact address...........,
Your phone numbers............
Your Driver's License...........
Age, Occupation.....................
And the nearest local and international airport..., to avoid wrong
delivery, they will issue you a delivery code#, to enable you track
your consignment box and know when it will get to your address.

Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this
mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their
Security Keeping fee of $115.00 for their immediate action to deliver
urgently. Note this. The TNT Courier don't know the contents of the
Box Package. I registered it as a BOX of Africa cloths. They did not
know the contents was money. this is to avoid them delaying with the
BOX. Don't let them know that box contains money OK.

We are sorry for the past inconveniences

Dr Lewis George

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