Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Liquefied Natural Gas Project

Liquefied Natural Gas Project.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my great pleasure writing you this letter on behalf of my boss; Mrs.Deziani Madueke,the (Honorable Minister of Petroleum). We are seeking a confidential investment co-operation with you in the execution of a project described hereunder for our benefit. I am Mr. Williams Richard, her Personal Assistant A contract for Turnaround maintenance [T.A.M.] and supply for two (2) refineries here in Nigeria, was awarded and executed by a foreign firm. After the commissioning of the projects, a variation excess fund of; Thirty Million Seven Hundred & Fifty Thousand US Dollars Only, which we now want to transfer abroad with your assistance. Though the actual contract cost has been paid to the original contractor, leaving this balance of (US$30,750,000.00) as arranged. We shall process the approval to remit into any foreign bank account you will provide by filing an application through my ministry for the transfer of all rights and privileges of the former contractor to you based on our understanding. We are seeking your assistance in providing a good bank account into which we can remit this Amount by presenting your name as the financier of the executed project and partner to the company. I have the authority of my boss; The Honorable Minister of Petroleum to propose this to you. Should you be willing to assist us in the transaction, your share of the above sum will be 25%. All logistics are in place and modalities worked out for a smooth conclusion of this transaction within the next few weeks if we are assured that you will not betray us in this regard. Treat with utmost urgency and confidentiality trusting that this mail meets you well.

Yours faithfully,


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