Friday, August 2, 2013

Re: You've Been Compensated.


On behalf of Federal Bureau of Investigation, the World Bank, the United
Nation Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United States Treasury
Department, it has been identified that you were in several contacts with
people in various EU Countries, United States of America, United Kingdom-
London, Malaysia, Nigeria/Entire Africa Region, Cambodia and the entire
Middle East and Asia, the World Bank has pledged that all scam
reconciliation payment should be made via CITIBANK N. A NEW YORK. UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA via any chosen/preferred payment method.

After a Judicial review by the World Bank and the G20 Summit, Mexico 2012.
The FBI have carried out a Judicial Due Diligence and we hereby confirm that
these impostors operate with false promises by the form of internet, fake
online banking system, fake lawyers and fake security firms/companies.
Consequently, the FBI has by virtue of Constitutional Power and Authority
wish to inform you that the sum US$750.000.00 (Seven Hundred and Fifty
Thousand United State Dollars Only) with the view of making sure that you
receive this fund, via a Scam Compensation agreement with Citibank N.A New
York. Once we ascertain your bonafide status that you have lost money
through any means mentioned above.

Please we want you to reconfirm the following information about you:-

1) Your Full Names.
2) Your Telephone and Fax Numbers.
3) Your Bank Account Details if you want a Wire Transfer.
4) Your Secured Delivery Address if you want Payment by a Certified Bank Draft, Debit Card or Related Instrument of Payment.

Once we receive information above, we shall advise you accordingly.

We await your urgent attention.

Robert .S. Mueller III.

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