Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Congratulations! Long Over Outstanding Payment



I am IBRAHIM DANKWOBE,Chairman DEBT SETTLEMENT COMMISSION which I was empowered by the President and other Heads of Top Government of Federal Rupblic Of Nigeria,to make sure that all the long over due outstanding payment is been settled.

We are very sorry for all the time delay concerning your funds held, this is to assured you that, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has approved the immediate release of your funds through the NEW COMMITTEE COMMISSIONED,DEBT SETTLEMENT COMMISSION to carry on the release of your funds without any further delay.

Mr.President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and heads of Department has met regarding your outstanding payment which has been approved.which we have decided to make your payment to you via ATM CREDIT CARD OR WIRE TRANSFER to you without any delay as I have been instructed by Mr.President.

I hereby,to inform you that you are not going to pay any fee or any payment in the cause of this transaction on till this fund get to you.

The Below details of yours will be needed for your files comfirmations and cross-checking of your files contract payment as the legal ownership of this fund.

1,Your Full Names ....
2.Your Address ----------
3,Your Direct Contact Numbers........
4,Your Age and Occupation............
5,Your Identification...............

Respond direct to my E-mail (debtsettlementcommissions@live.com)

Best Regards

Commission Chairman
Federal Ministry Of Finance.
TEL: 234-70 5952 4394

Hence, you are duly advised in your own interest to STOP further communication what soever with any person, group or institution within or outside Nigeria in connection with this payment for your own good and the safety of your fund.

Warning:This communiqu is from the PRESIDENTIAL BOARD OF TRUSTEE ON CONTRACT PAYMENT upon the advice of the Presidential adviser on Contract are advised to adhere strictly to directive. Any fund beneficiary who ignores instruction will be doing so at his own risk and should not blame the Federal Government Of Nigeria for non-payment of their contract

Website:http://www. nigeria.gov.ng/

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