Monday, August 12, 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

The late Revolutionary United Front (RUF) Rebel Leader, Mr. Foddy Sahkoh was my very good associate. Before his death he gave me a consignment box that contains an amount of USD7.5 million. The funds was
stamped with Federal Reserve stamp on it.

We went to a security company in Johannesburg, South Africa to deposit it there in 1999. Last year October my late associate¡¯s spouse came to visit me and told me that I should look for someone who can
invest in the cleaning of the stamp on the funds.

Before my late associate died, he contacted someone in Europe who told him that he can help him clean the stamp on the funds. We need to buy chemical called Automatic Cleaning Powder (ACP) .The funds for
the chemical is very expensive for my late associate family to buy the chemical that¡¯s why I am contacting you so that you can help us to purchase the chemical.

The family will give you 20% out of the funds after it has been cleaned; the man who will clean the funds lives¡¯ in Europe. We will ship the consignment box to you in your country so that the gentleman can
clean the funds at your house.

Please if you are interested to assist us get back to me, so that we can discuss more about this business.


Mrs. Belinda Taylor

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