Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Engineer Paul Gregory,
Department o Budget and Planning> Ministry of Petroleum,

Your candid attn:


Most competent people are chosen for competent jobs and assignments, and with that due respect have we also chosen to select you and contact you on this very confidential matter. Our Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and industry offers variety of names of notable people from your part of the Globe. That was where I got your information from.Therefore, after due deliberation with my partners, we decided to forward to you this proposal. We believe that you would be in a position to help us in our bid to transfer the sum of US$2.5M (two million, five hundred United States Dollars) into a foreign account. We shall make it 100% legal as much possible asyou would want.

We are members of the special committee for budget and planning of the Ministry of Petroleum. This committee is principally concerned with contract appraisals and approval of contracts in order of priorities as regards CAPITAL PROJECTS of the Federal Government of Nigeria. With our positions, we have successfully secured for ourselves the sum of US$2.5M (two million, five hundred United States Dollars) We are working with the present Democratically elected Government in my country, and we are seeking the support of Foreign Government, which the race has started. So they have given directive to all Federal Parasitical to settle all Foreign Contractors being owed for contract that they have done. Therefore, our plan is to include your name as one of the contractors being owed in our corporation.

What we need from you is to provide a safe Account into which the funds will be transferred since Government Officials in my country are not allowed by our laws to Operate Foreign Accounts. It has been agreed that you will be compensated with Us$1Million of the remitted funds. US$1.2Million belongs to us, while US$300,000 will be set aside to offset expenses and pay the necessary taxes.It may interest you to know that two years ago a similar transaction was carried out with one Mr. Patrice Miller, the C.E.O of Crane International Trading Corporation at number 135, East 57th street,28th floor, New York 10022, with Telephone (212)308-7788 and Telex Number 6731689. After the agreement between both of us in which he was to take 25% of the money as his share, the money was duly transferred into his Account. We were disappointed on our arrival in New York as we were reliably informed that Mr. Patrice Miller was no longer on that address while his Telephone and Telex Numbers have be
en reallocated too so We need a m
transfer.Kindly treat this as urgent and very confidential.contact me through my email address (engrgregorypaul@hotmail.com)

Best regards.
Engineer Paul Gregory
Department of Budget and Planning
Ministry of Petroleum

E-mail : engrgregorypaul@hotmail.com,test@sungridinc.com
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