Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear Beneficiary , From Mrs. Grace Adams,(Your Payment Coordinator/Adviser)

Mrs. Grace Adams,
Foreign Debt Payment Committee
United Nations Foreign Payment Inspection Unit
Cotonou, Republic Du Benin.
West Africa.


Dear Beneficiary,

Re; Your Claim is Ready for Payment

How are you today, its my great pleasure to open up communication with you today with the good news your compensation award and to clarify you about the situation of your delayed claim payment and to advise you on what to do, we discovered that you have suffered greatly and been cheated a lot in the pursuit of your claim fund, all the fees you have paid in the past were manipulated and were not used for the purpose it was sent for, and due to one story or the other you have lost hope/confidence in this pursuit of your claim.

I must let you know that there is still hope because your payment can not be made to another beneficiary since it have been documented on your name as the rightful beneficiary claimant, but the question is that, can you still trust anybody again in this regards? , really it is very very difficult, i will also have a doubtful mind if i were in your shoes because money is not all that easy to come by this days, even a cent means a lot to human life, not talking about wasted thousands of dollars, its real upsetting, stupid and wickedness of human, that is why this compensation was awarded to give you a relief and hope that you claim can still be paid.

I Mrs. Grace Adams, working with the new United Nations Foreign Payment Inspection Unit here in the Republic of Benin as Coordinator, Foreign Debt Payment Committee, in conjunction with the International Foreign Debt Reconciliation committee Geneva to ensure that a all outstanding delayed claim payment and compensation award are made directly to the rightful beneficiary under the supervision of the United Nations Monitoring Unit to avoid any exhortation/unusual fees or charges.

It has been instructed and agreed upon by the authorities concerned that only the Official Judiciary Court Administrative fee/charges of USD96.00 only should be paid by any lucky beneficiaries that is enlisted for this compensation programe to enable them receive their due payment with smiles and rest of mind without much troubles unlike in the past with some unfaithful imposters and fraudsters whom have swindled them of their hard earn monies for the same purpose without any good result.

If you still have interest in claiming your fund and you are sure that you are the bonafide beneficiary as stated in your file here, please do not waste time in getting back to me with your payment information as instructed for more details,(Receiver's Name: Allabi Guy, Address : Agla Cotonou, Benin, Test Question and Ans: TT) you have nothing to pay for anymore than this Court Administrative Charges of token just as stated for the submission of your payment documents to the authorized paying bank by the legal department of this committee to enable a legal and smooth payment of your compensation award of USD350.000.00 0nly without any further charges nor fees as instructed.

I will not go further in this issue until i hear from you to know if you are still alive and your state of mind towards this issue if you really have any legal claim with any African Government or countries in the past that is still unpaid, you have to state your total amount unpaid to confirm with what we have in the record submitted by said Government or countries concerned,then we can effect your compensation payment first for all the troubles and monies wasted in the past so that you can be able to takecare of other expenses to facilitate the payment of your long over due claim with any of this Government or banks here as proved with our supervision and guidlines.

Thank you very much for the understanding, we also apologized for all the ugly experiences you have faced in the past, we hope to make it right to you soonest.

please forward your payment informations to this email contact as stated here ( only for our quick attention and security reasons.


Mrs. Grace Adams,(Your Payment Coordinator/Adviser)
Foreign Debt Payment Committee
United Nations Foreign Inspection Unit
Cotonou, Republic Du Benin.
West Africa.
Tel: +299 9665 7054

E-mail :,
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