Thursday, May 30, 2013

The first $5000.00 was sent today.

The first $5000.00 was sent today.

Our accountant agent has helped send the first USD$5000.00 to you through western union So get back to this office of Western union Agent to pick up this USD$5000 out of the total sum of USD$1.8Million. Call Mr.Douglass Hall immediately you get this E-mail to enable him speed up for your payment or you send him an e-mail forwarding all the necessary informations required from you so that they will commence on First Payment with Text Question and Answer/ Sender Name for you to pick up the first payment today. But I will advise that you try and call to facilitate your payment. we will be sending you $5000 Dollars every day because to transfer the total money to your account will cost you big money for the transferring that's why United Nations give us order to be sending you $5000 Dollars every day and bellow is the information of the first transfer In your name and you are advised to contact the Western Union Agent Mr.Douglass Hall to give you the complete MTCN for the first Installment of usd$5000 because the MTCN sent to you now is not complete as send Eight digit numbers remaining two numbers you will collect from Mr.Douglass Hall, once you have made the contact with him, to enable you pick up the payment of USD$5000 today. But i advise you call Mr.Douglass Hall Immediately you receive this e-mail with Tel:+229-989 313 56 ask him for the two digit number's of the MTCN :

SENDER'S NAME:......Douglass Hall
AMOUNT SENT:......$5,000.00

Contact us on our:
Western union Agent:Mr.Douglass Hall
Tel:+229-989 313 56

Ask him to give you the mtcn, sender name,to pick the $5,000.00. I told him to keep sending you USD$5000.00 daily until the payment of USD$1.8Million is completed.

Again forward him

(1)Your Full Name :....
(2)Telephone number:..

So that he will be sure that you are the right person to start receive USD$5000 out of the total sum of USD$1.8Million.

from government office payment

Call him immediately to give you Question and Answer Contact person.
Mr.Douglass Hall.


E-mail :
IP :,

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