Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Important Message From World Bank Creditors

Attention: Beneficiary,

Been waiting to hear back from you so we can finalize your transaction and for some reasons you have not gotten back to me, I want to believe its because you are unable to come up with the (Fee/$3,000.00), if this is the reason why i haven't heard back from you then I will make you a deal, my client will fund you with the money and in return you will give us 10% of your winning after your $500,000.00 transaction has been completed.I will have my associate overnight you a Certified check of $3,650.00 for you to cash and send the fees/$3,000.00 to our paymentcenter in other to have your transaction completed. List your info in the format below if we have a deal.

1, Full Name :
2, Physical Mailing Address:
3, City :
4, State :
5, Zip-Code :
6, Home/Cell # :

Please use reference number 250-153 for our mutual convenience

Fred Mccabe
Welfare officer,
World Bank Creditors

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