Sunday, May 5, 2013


US Delegates NFIU NEW YORK CITY Attention: With all due respect. My name is Gene Wales one of the US delegates to the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) presently in New York disbursing long outstanding over due funds to beneficiaries.please you can view the WEBSITE to confirm Please,we would want to know if you really authorize Mr.Page Liberty to claim your CONTRACT AWARD sum $25,700,000.000,00 as your next of KIN which has been deposited with the STANDARD CHARTERED BANK,ARIZONA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Please,your prompt response is needed before we shall proceed with the release of the funds through delivery of the ATM CARD,Certified bank draft,Bank to Bank wire transfer or Cash delivery to his location because what we have here is bearing your name as an AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIM has been endorsed on his name and please if you do not authorized him kindly forward your contact details to the standard chartered online banking which their contact information is below here. Your prompt response is needed and have a pleasant day. BELOW HERE IS THE AUTHORIZED BANK CONTACT INFORMATION. BANK NAME: STANDARD CHARTERED ONLINE BANKING CONTACT PERSON:MR.DAN SCALAN CONTACT ADDRESS : 4701 N 24th St #-B7 Phoenix, Arizona 85016 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA E-MAIL CONTACT: BANK PHONE: 1(347) 514-7037 Regards, Mr. Gene Wales

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