Sunday, May 12, 2013

05/11 - We pay you to conduct surveys in your location


Probe Market Research, a market research firm, is currently seeking individuals to act as customer-insight researchers, in various field market surveys within the United States.

Would you be interested in providing us with feed-back on your experience as a customer visitng businesses and franchises within your location in the United States? In doing so, you earn two hundred dollars for every customer-insight survey you conduct.

The customer-insight surveys are basic, can be completed in minutes, and can be conducted during your flexible hours. The number of surveys per week vary based on location.

Participation is free and at absolutely no cost to you. Also, no formal training is required.

If you are interested, reply for more details.

Thank you

Simon Dean
Probe Market Research
122 East 42nd Street,
Suite 1004
New York,
NY 10168

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