Monday, April 8, 2013

MY DEAR FRIEND Raymond Akpobasa

I do not know why you don't want to listen to the truth about your expecting payment.I have told you in my emails time without number that, there are some people that you know and you so much believed in them, they are pretending to be seeking solution to your payment matter, meanwhile they are people, deliberately created the problem of your payment.

I am here to tell you the truth. The truth is that, these people presented themselves to you as directors in various banks in Nigeria,collaborate with some lawyers, EFCC chairman as they called themselves, who you so much believed that they can help you receive your payment, are they people deposited your funds in fixed deposit account and provided another account information unknown to you where the interest fund generated from your total sum in every year are being paid into the account.

Furthermore, They are using discouraging method to the beneficiaries by asking beneficiaries to pay fees after fees, for one document after another. They are keep using this method and believed that, one day beneficiaries will get tired of sending money to Nigeria for payment processing and forget about their funds Thus will give them open rooms to continue benefited from the interest funds. That is the reason you could not receive your fund and you will not even in the next 30 years unless you will agree to comply with directive.

You know that, success always come when you know where you are going and how to get there. I do not know how to help you myself because, the people that have involved in this bad act are my superior, but I want to introduce you to a friend of mind who happen to be a diplomat to the Vice president. Through him, you will receive payment release letter sign by the Vice president himself to any bank your fund is, in Nigeria. With the presentation of a letter, signed by the Vice president of Nigeria, Namadi, any fund in any bank in Nigeria that is in your name will be release to you within one day and without resorting to the due process, unless the managing Director of the bank want to loss his work.

If you are ready for me to assist you with this arrangement, keep it secret to any body you communicating with in the past and I will contact my friend in the office of the vice president and get back to you.


Mr. Raymond Akpobasa
Director Funds Fixed
Deposit Department
Central Bank of Nigeria

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