Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fund Compensation of $550,000 usd Only..?

Attn Beneficiary,

Breaking News, This is to bring to your notice that the United Nations Organisation to the IMF { International Monetary Fund } With the Benin Du Republic Government have approve to pay 6 scam victims the sum of $550,000usd only. And has been sign by Central Bank of Benin to FINANCIAL-BANK of Benin Office to pay just { 6 SCAM VICTIMS $550,000usd each }. You are listed and approved for this payment; you are to call Rev. Anderson or Contact Financial-Bank plc costumer care Office as soon as possible for the immediate transfer of your $550,000usd direct into you bank account via online banking system. With your full details.

Contact Address:
Financial-Bank Plc Benin Republic 24/7
Rev. Richard Anderson.
Office Number: +229 68623207
Email: { financial.financialbk00plc@wss-id.org }
Email: { fbk_costumercareerservice@admin.in.th }

Your Full Name: ________
Your Address: ______
Country: ___________
Home/Cell Phone: _______
Sex/Age: ___________
Occupation: ________
Bank Name: ________
Bank Account Number: ______
Attach Your ID CARD: _______
Your Other E-mail: _________
Preferred Payment Method (Bank-Transfer)

Minister of Finance.

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