Wednesday, April 24, 2013



I hope this meets you in good health. May I introduce this life changing project to you.My name is Barrister Ansah West a legal practitioner and Attorney to late family of Mr.Andreas Schranner who died in the plane crash of Union des Transports Africains (UTA) flight Boeing 727 in,25th December,2003,13:22 GMT 14:22 UK with his entire family and with no trace to any other surviving relative after my exhaustive efforts in the past 9 years. It is based on these that I contact you,I want you to stand as my late client's next of kin/beneficiary to claim this cash deposit for the benefit of both of us.By virtue of my brief and closeness to the deceased family,I am very much aware of their financial standing, which they operated here in location I shall disclose to you as we progress which will be based on the sensitive details concerning these deposit at my disposal, which am very sure I am the only person privy to these information. My late client was an influential wealthy Oil engineer/contractor and he left behind a substantial amount of money in multiple millions of Dollars with a Security and Finance company in a location/country which I can not disclose over the internet for security reasons.You are at liberty to negotiate the share ratio with me. I will intimate you with more details soon as I receive your swift reply.please do include your direct phone number in your response.You may also reply through my e-mail: Once I receive it,I will call you to discuss the modalities with you.

Best Regards,
Barrister Ansah West.

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