Monday, March 11, 2013

Your first payment is available to pick up today

Hello dear how are doing today? we are here to inform you that we have started transferring your $2.5Million, Usd through this Western Union Office today according to the instruction to be transferring $6000,000Usd to your name by daily until you receive your $2.5Million, USD

Please if there is any problem again you contact us back .
Contact person:
Mr.John Desmond
Phone +229 6856 7145
Your Payment MTCN: 8896809193

Here is the payment information you need to pick up your $6000 with each MTCN and with the two MTCN , you can receive $12,000 today.

Sender name : William Logan
MTCN: 8896809193

Sender: Name Yolanda Dalag

Phone +229 6856 7145
Mr.Mike Larry

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