Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello Sir,

I am aware that this is not a safe way of establishing a relationship of trust but you have to bear with me because I have little options.

My name is John Fulton Wiley from Pennsylvania USA. A cancer patient. I have been in and out of hospitals in the USA without much luck, so I decided to fly to India on the advise of my Indian neighbor to receive some traditional Indian medication.

I contacted you after many thoughts. My condition is getting worse and I do not know what may happen to me any moment from now . I am seeking means of securing the future of my only child, Jeniffer Wiley who is just seven (7) years old. Hence the need to establish a business relationship with you so you can help secure release of my funds amounting to USD5.5Million. This fund has been in the custody of a security vault company in Spain since the year 2007. I am too sick and do not have enough money to secure release of this huge amount of money. I need your help desperately. I am willing to offer you 40% of the entire amount should you accept to help me. I have already informed the Security Vault company of my decision to appoint a partner to represent me and they have agreed to it.

You may be required by the company to visit them in spain and sign some release documents on my behalf. If you cannot travel to Spain, you can also secure release of the funds through an attorney appointed by the company on your behalf. I want to assure you that this is 100% risk free. The money belongs to me and I have documents to prove this.The security vault company will confirm this also.

I need great trust and sincerity from you because if anything happens to me, you shall take care of my 7 years old only daughter whom I shall also make a partner in my agreement with you.

Please respond quickly.

John Fulton Wiley II.
+1 760 462 1853

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