Friday, March 29, 2013

Grettings from Ms. Wooten ( Maj. Peggie Wooten )

Grettings from Ms. Wooten

I am contacting you through email not only because of its reliability for rapid exchange (quick delivery and reply) of messages but also because it has been proven to be very secure more than postal and fax messages.Moreover I chose using the email for reason of assured privacy and its suitability for recall of content.So coming via the internet medium,I hope that the content of this mail is not miscontrued to be from one among those of the invasion of the internet world by dishonest people who are nothing but scammers.But this is a different case which can be proven in due course. However I will remain wary and cautious while sending this message to you until I an convinced you quite understand its importance and get this treated with urgent attention and confidentiality it deserves. I am holding back specifics for security reasons until you revert with a confirmation of a visit to or a view of the news websites below which are meant to give historical background and insight about the subject matter. (PRESSTV) (BBC) (CBS NEWS) (VOA NEWS)

Although the funds in question have been of public knowledge long before now but what remains secret to public is the identity of those officers that were involved in counting and protection of the recovered funds by US army.It will interest you to know that I am one of the US army officers who were entrusted with the responsibility of counting and moving the seized funds reported in the news stories. I was one of the five officers questioned by military authorities as also reported in the above news story. All I can say for now is that I was a Major in the U.S. Army until the recent dis-engagement from Iraq as a result of the end of the war. The American/Iraq war has officially ended but I will only give further details about our intended partnership when you assure me never to go public with message content.I will like to share more information about my personal involvement that led to my keeping aside a big stash of cash.The cash is waiting to be moved out of Iraq to a trusted fellow for safe-keeping.If y

1. Confirm if any / all 4 international news links above have been visited/viewed successfully.
2. Confirm your understanding of my intention to send the looted funds to you.
3. Promise to let our partneship remain a secret between us.
4. Provide me with your complete names,complete physical address,phone number(s),your age and profession/occupation.

Please note that time is very of essence since there is a limit to how long to wait.All requested 1-4 above needs to be complied with to help me take immediate and final decisions which will also assist in dispatch of the boxes to you. While waiting to get your response I plead once again that you share this proposal on mutual collaboration with no one. Please send your response to my PRIVATE email address as follows :

Maj. Peggie Wooten

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