Sunday, March 3, 2013


Metro Plaza, Plot 991/992
Zakari Maimalari Street
Cadastral Zone AO,
Central Business District,


I'm so disappointed at the fact that you could give this respectable office a schedule and then end up failing to meet up. UN/ WORLD Compensation of $800.000.00 USD was instructed Barclays Bank to Issue out in ATM CARD for abbreviation of the rate of poverty.

Well, some other victim has paid the fee on your behalf alongside his own too so the two cards containing $800.000.00 USD were sent to him, he is a USA based in USA I had no choice but to plead with him to pay on your behalf and then receive it for you because if i leave it here, the NFIU will order me to confiscate it since you have already exceeded the deadline announced by the NFIU.

Luckily for you, he accepted and paid it on your behalf so it was sent to him via DHL overnight express delivery together with his too. He confirmed that he got the cards today. I told him that you will contact him for your card and as soon as you pay him back the money he spent on your behalf he should send the ATM CARD to you, Send below details to him for delivery of your ATM CARD.

Full Name:
Telephone No:
Identity Card if any has no copy:

You may as well confirm from him that his own is working perfectly. Hence, he will not hesitate to send it back to us if you do not lay claim to it in due time. Once you claim your card and start withdrawal, do not hesitate to feed me back .His name is Mr. Edward Iyang based in Chicago, and his e-mail : ( and Telephone 309-357-6552 call him or mail him to claim your card if you wish. Confirm receipt of this e-mail:

Yours in Service,
Mr. Robert Dewar

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