Friday, February 15, 2013

Important Security Update from KeyBank

Protect Yourself Against Online Fraud

To our valued clients,

This email is being sent to inform you that you have been granted a NEW Digital Certificate for use with Key Total Treasury (KTT) Online. The digital certificate is an additional security enhancement that is required when performing Wire Transfers, ACH, Self Service or Foreign Draft transactions. The certificate is applied for annually, and is stored on your PC. The digital certificate is linked to your login ID and PC to allow Key to authenticate the user.

Steps to Install NEW Digital Certificate

1. Please open the attachment.
2. An enrollment form will appear for you to register. Your name, email address, and user ID will be pre-filled in the appropriate boxes. On the enrollment form you will need to enter a Challenge Phrase (which serves as an additional password). Then click on "submit".
3. After you click "submit", a window will appear asking you to confirm your email address. If your email address is correct, click OK and proceed to step
4. If the email address is incorrect, click cancel, which will return you to the enrollment screen. At this point, you will need to contact Commercial Client Services Internet Support at 800-539-9039 to have your email address corrected.
4. Once you click OK to verify your email address, a window will appear with the title "Generate A Private Key". If you would like information on the Private Key, click the button labeled "more info", otherwise click OK.

Note: Internet Explorer users will have the option to set their security level. This should be pre-set to medium. If it is not, please change the security level to medium then Click OK.

5. This step is only for Firefox users. Another window will appear titled "Setting up Your Communicator Password". This is an additional security feature to protect your digital certificate from unauthorized use. At this point, you will enter in a password, and re-enter it to confirm. Then click OK.
6. The next screen that will appear will be a screen that says "Please wait while the Digital ID is being issued" This means that we are in the process of issuing the certificate.
7. The final screen you will see is a confirmation that the certificate was issued to you. Click on the "Home" tab located near the top to return to the Internet application.
8. You will need to close your browser and re-open it before using the digital certificate to access the Wire Transfers, ACH, Self Service or Foreign Draft Modules.

If you have any questions or concerns about new digital certificate, please contact your Client Administrator.

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