Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I await your urgent reply

From: Mr. Ibrahim Yassa
Plot 14 Bp 1210 Islands
Lagos -Nigeria.
Tel: +234-7031-857-160.


I am Mr.Ibrahim Yassa,Working in department of Fund released Order. I know the letter might come to you as surprise,but take it like your own deal.Engr.Fadilma Nazidin executed a contract through Federal Ministry of Works & Housing (FMWH) here, the contract worth of (US$18.750M) but on the process of transferring the money to him, he died with his family in earthquake disaster that occurred in Bam, South eastern city of Iran.


Meanwhile, his money has been approved for payment in my office awaiting for me to give order for the final endorsement of the release of his money. Nobody knows what is going on except my colleague and I. The late contractor's information will be made available to you base on your co-operation. You will act like the beneficiary's next of kin/business associate to this fund, since we have been unsuccessful in locating any of his relatives, so that the balance of his contract sum valued at US$18.750M dollars can be processed and paid to you and then both parties can share the money according to any agreeable sharing ratio. I will send to you the whole relevant information that is required of you to know in this transaction immediately you accept to co-operate with me.

1. Your complete names/address,
2.private phone numbers.

I will communicate my data to you as soon as I read from you. I have decided to go into negotiation with you base on sharing ratio of this money, but both of us need to bear in mind that 5% of this money will go for Homeless in your country, while 5 % will cover for expenses

Yours truly,
Mr.Ibrahim Yassa..

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