Thursday, February 14, 2013

Contact the barrister Now.

Hello My Dear Friend,

This is to get you informed over my success in securing the inheritance funds to Late Engineer Adams McColllins, who was my account customer during his life time with first bank Nigeria, where i did operate on over the total sum of ($15.900,000) approved by the concerned bank (fbnigplc) to Mr. Kareem Johnson who stood as a relative for his claim. I want you to know this; I was able to achieve this success through Mr. Kareem Johnson from Chile whom was financially buoyant in financing every government needs we encountered during the course of the inheritance funds. However, as a matter of fact I am compensating you with the sum of three million nine hundred and thirty five thousand united state dollars ($3.935, 000, usd) Due to the effort, Courage, Sincerity and trustworthiness you showed in Course of the inheritance business. Personally, i want to give out to you my sincere appreciation in compensating you towards your honesty showed during the inheritance transaction, with the sum of ($3.935, 000, usd) from the total sum. I left an automated teller machine card to the above mentioned amount of ($5.935,000,usd) for you to cash elsewhere in any part of the world with a law firm in Nigeria owned by a reputable partner who actually helped in the conclusion of the multi-million-dollar business in the legal aspect of the transaction there in Nigeria. I have authorized BARRISTER TYSON NDUKA (SAN) to release the automated teller machine card to you as soon as you contact him regarding this issue. My Dear Friend I will like you to contact His law-firm for the collection of your automated teller machine card ATM. At the moment, I'm very busy here in Chile, because of the investment projects which I and my new partners over here are currently having in hand. More also, I will like you to accept this token in good faith for i am rest assured that you are going to make use of this money wisely and become a great multi-millionaire as i, So appreciate this offer from the bottom of your heart and God bless. Below is the Information’s to BARRISTER TYSON NDUKA get in touch with him now and discus on how to get the Automated teller machine Card I issued to your behalf. I will advice you call him on his cell number for urgent attention.

Tel: +234-706-543-5349

As soon as you receive your Atm card from the barrister do notify me.

Yours' Faithfully
Mrs. Helen Ugorji

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