Monday, December 17, 2012

Good day Dear ( Thomas Anthony )

From Mr.Thomas Anthony
Manager Auditing and Accounting Unit,
Foreign Dept.
Nat-West Bank,UK
45 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1AG,
United Kingdom 0845 303 7026
D/L: +448712379155

Good Day Dear,

Every five years Nat-West Bank, London transfers its treasury, millions of pounds of unclaimed Deceased Depositors Fund in compliance with the Banking Laws and Guidelines to the majority of cases with reference to my bank,Nat-West Bank London, the money normally runs into several millions of pounds. Until Mr. Mohamed Mohd's death, along with his wife and their two sons in the tsunami disaster on the 26th Dec, 2004. For more information( In view of this, I was his foreign currency denoted bank Account Manager with constant balance in excess of eight digits. Ever since his death and up till this time of writing, no next of kin or relation of his has come forward to claim his money with us. Naturally, as long as late Mohamed Mohd money remains unclaimed, the bank remains richer in free funds with his money. However, with me being in direct Auditing and Accounting Unit in the Foreign Department of my bank. I have all the necessary informations that you will presents to the bank as a next of kin or relation of late Mohamed Mohd on private business deal basis. Now the game plan and the purpose of my writing you exclusively having been highly recommended as the right and proper person to handle this deal by a Management Consultant friend of mine, who has traveled widely, including your country is that I want to pull out this unclaimed money amounting to £9.200,000.00(Nine Million, Two Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) with your cooperation and assistant by just doing the following: (a) Provide your direct and private telephone/fax number for effective communication. (b) Give immediate reply to this E-mail for details on how to proceed. Upon my receipt of your response, I will send to you a text of Application you are required to forward to the Bank For your cooperation and efforts, 40% of the money will be for you as our foreign partner, while 60% will be for my colleague and myself that will eventually visit your country for disbursement of our portion.

Send me your reply immediately you receive this message for more directives to my private Email( ). Looking forward to a mutual beneficial business relationship.


Mr.Thomas Anthony
D/L: +448712379155

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