Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Contact Ajent Anderson Cultis.

601 4th Street NW
Washington, DC 20535
Website: www.fbii.us.tc


The email contact i am sending you is the only saviour to this situation and a lot of scam victims has received their fund as a result of this agent that was sent to Nigeria to handle this issue over there. Agent Anderson has a great reputation with the FBI and the United states Cyber Intelligent service for his success over the years in dealing with scammers and bringing them to book. His ethics includes no pity which makes him one of the most dreaded cyber intelligent officer in the FBI, he is reliable and has a good record of bringing this internet scammers to book and sent to jail after facing the court proceedings.

For your information, its in your best interest to comply with my instructions and follow his directives so we can rid the Internet off these criminals who use it as a tool for their crimes,so do not hesitate to contact him at once on receipt of this email because i can assure you he will be a great deal of help in helping you secure your inheritance without any delays.

Find below the contact details of the FBI delegate.

Name:Mr.Anderson Curtis

Do comply to the directions that he will give to you so that your fund can finally get to you without any form of further issue with this impostors and please do me the favor and making available any information you have of this impostors for it will help in tracing them because one scammer taking off the street simply means saving a future scam victim.

Thanks for your time.

Mr.James W.Mcjunkin
Assistant Director in Charge
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

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