Wednesday, November 7, 2012

his is urgent attention for you from Gen Amon Mashigo from South Africa

Hello Friend,

Compliment of the day to you.I hope this letter meets you in good condition,my name is Lt.Gen Amon Mashigo, the deputy Chairman of the Protea Coin Security Group in South Africa.I would love to discuss a sensitive matter with you and ask for your consent if its considerate of you to help me here. In Feb 2011 during the Libyan uprising,my good friend Muammar Gaddafi deposited the sum of US$37 Million in our security facility in South Africa,this funds was suppose to be used as asylum for his duration in South Africa but unfortunately he didn't make it as he was killed by the NTC of bullet wounds minutes before reaching hospital on 20 Oct 2011.I'm seeking your assistance to release this funds and transfer it to your possession as a trusted partner to ensure the safety of the funds cause i have intelligent report the unknown politicians are trying to divert this funds for their personal and selfish use.Unfortunately i can't do it myself or neither can i involve a local citizen only a foreigner like you so i'm asking your consent to partner me in this venture and we can share this funds in 50-50% basis. The proposal is you come down to South Africa in which i will organise your invitation and sign out the funds from our security facility,i will use my veto power as the deputy chairman to ensure the company acknowledge you as the next of kin or contractor beneficiary,after then we will organise the funds to be transported to your country immediately.A legal attorney will help us secure the necessary documents that will cover the cliam to you, he will draft and carry out the notarization of the fund release contract and also obtain the necessary documents in your favor for the claim. If you are interested kindly sennd me by email your full Names and Address, Date of Birth, your Country of Origin, Occupation, Tel & Fax Numbers and identification so that a resident Attorney will be able to prepare the necessary documents and affidavit which will put you in place as the only beneficiary.I will make sure all documents are endorsed from my desk as i'm in charge of signing the approval letter, please Call me on this private number: +27738046439 or email me on my private email address for more details :

Waiting your positive response and Regards,
Lt.General Amon Mashigo RTD

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