Thursday, November 8, 2012

Attn:Hello Beneficiary


Congratulation,You have won yourself us$600,000.00 from our database for using western union money transfer. I?m very glade in informing today that all necessary arrangement in effecting the payment to you as it have been programmed $4,500.00,USD in your payment file. All you need to do now:Reconfirm your information to enable us make change of the RECEIVER'S NAME to your name,so you can be able to pick it up now.

Your Name:===========
Your Country:========
Your Tel:============

However: this is to inform you that we have been carrying on your payment as to enable us make sure that the payment have be complete before the year will come at the end, as the year remain only few months to end off, for that your first payment of $4,500.00, USD is already been Programmed into System. Waiting for your information to make change of RECEIVER'S NAME to your name to enable you pick up the fund.

Dr.Ben Mark

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