Friday, August 17, 2012

The security code of your PACKAGE (010289)

Dear Friend,

I am hereby to inform you that i have gone to deposit your Certified international bank Draft (CHECK) with the OCEANIC BANK PLC,but the managing director OCEANIC BANK PLC told me that before the bank draft could get to you,that it is going to expire.Then i instructed the bank to cash the certified bank draft worth the sum of $600.000.00usd.

Therefore, you should be informed that all the necessary arrangement regarding to the delivery of YOUR Funds in cash was made with the EMS EXPRESS LINK SERVICE COMPANY since i have registered the fund with them in a PACKAGE as a gift going directly to your destination. So, on no account should you let the EMS EXPRESS LINK SERVICE COMPANY nor the diplomat in charge of the delivery to your destination know the content of your PACKAGE for security reason OK.

Meanwhile, here is the security code of your PACKAGE (010289)please, bellow are the information needed from you by the EMS EXPRESS LINK SERVICE COMPANY to enable them proceed with the delivery of your PACKAGE to your door step.

1.Your Full Name
2.Country / Location
3.Your Current Contact Telephone
4.A Copy Of Your ID or Pass-port.

Contact Person Dr.Jim D.Robert.
Phone: +234-705-456-9871.

Perhaps, note that i have paid for the delivering charges and insurance fee of your PACKAGE which has cost me the sum of $835.00usd. Now, the only money you have to send to them is there security keeping fee which is the sum of $98.00usd only to receive your PACKAGE. You should also be advised to demand from the FedEx COURIER SERVICE COMPANY for a copy of your PACKAGE insurance certificate, PACKAGE deposit slip which i had paid for and a copy of your PACKAGE shipment airway bill to enable you know when your PACKAGE will be departing Republic of Nigeria and when it will arrive in your country OK.

May the almighty God continue to guide and protect you and your family in Jesus name...amen.

With best Regards
Efi Chioma

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