Friday, August 31, 2012


I am an auditor in a European bank and clearing house.

Our duty is to look into transaction records of Banks, securities companies and financial houses within Europe.

We also work in collaboration with America, Asia, Africa and Australian clearing houses. During my investigation on un-paid debts in various banks and security companies, I discovered that you are to be paid for an INHERITED /CONTRACT FUND which requires presentation of certain documents and payment of fees before the fund could be released to you

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I want to inform you that the problem you are having is from your agent/partners and the lawyer who is representing you, they did not revealed the reason for delay of your payment, and My reason of contacting you is to inform you to stop payment of any such to the lawyer or to the financial house, as you will not receive your fund due to some anomalies we discovered in your file.

We are to protect your interest, please contact me immediately so we can advice you on how you will receive your fund without any impediment.

You are hereby advised to maintain constant contact with me and avoid any interaction with those unscrupulous representatives.

Yours faithfully.

Eddy Wallace.

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