Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Donation €4,000,000

Hello My Dear

With warm hearts I offer my friendship, and my greetings to you in the
name of our lord God, and I hope this letter meets you in good time, I
propose with my free mind and as a person of integrity from God, I know
that this message will appear as a surprise to you that we barely know but
the grace of God directed me to you and I wish you read this message and
be blessed in name of the Lord.

I have a brain tumor, I suffer terribly at the moment. My doctor just
informed me that my days are numbered because of my health therefore
condemned to certain death. Currently, I have exhausted all my savings for
my medical care.

But I do have some funds for my charity project, these funds are deposited
in a fixed deposit in a local bank here in Benin. purposed for charitable

My marital status is such that I'm single because I lost my Husband for
over 9 years now and unfortunately we have not had a child together, which
I am no one to leave my legacy . Therefore, to release my funds I would
like to make a donation so that there is no stiff tax on my money.

To this I would so graceful and in order to help the poor to give what
amounts to said legacy worth Four million euros (4,000,000 €) (Four
Million Euro) to enable you to establish a charitable foundation in my
memory so that the grace of God be with me until my last home so I can
receive an honorable place with the Lord our father.

I have no fear because before contacted you, i have for several nights
prayed for the Lord God to give me the contact of a trusted person to whom
I can entrust this matter and it is the result of why I am doing research
that allowed me to contact you through this site.

Know that you can keep half of the money for yourself and the rest will be
used to create a charitable foundation in my memory and a federation in
the fight against cancer and also build orphanages. I would have the
following information: Your name and first name, your exact address and
your permanent telephone contact so I can forward them to my lawyer to
appear that you perform the procedure under deal.

I count on your goodwill and especially on the proper use of these funds
have something I do not doubt because I have great confidence in you that
God may guide me toward you. mY private E-mail:

Awaiting your prompt reply, receive my cordial and fraternal greetings.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs Vick Mellisa Allen
My Private email:

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