Saturday, August 4, 2012


First Floor
Senator House
85 Queen Victoria Street,
London EC4V 4AB
Ref: MGI/FSA-12

Good day,

Recently, the MoneyGram and Western Union customer database revealed that you have been involved in online fraud scheme which has made you lost some amount of money.

Financial Services Authority (FSA), the Regulator of all providers of financial services in the UK has authorize the return of 50% refund back to you in the PPI Scheme (Payment Protection Insurance), to the value of $210,000.00 USD.

You will be issued a compensation Prepaid Debit Card to appraise your refund. We hereby urge you to send your Name, Address and Occupation to:

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Officer
London EC4V 4AB
Tel: +44-08712455521

Forward your information via e-mail to the Appraiser ( for immediate approval. Kindly be informed that your Debit Card is of International value and can be use at any Mastercard ATM machine around the world.


Michael H. Pasta

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