Sunday, July 29, 2012


From The Western Union Central Office
Rye Lane Market 48 Rye Lane,
London SE15 5BY, United Kingdom

Dear Lottery Winner,

This is to inform you that your One Million United States Dollars ($1M) Lottery Win will be send to you via Western Union Money Transfer, unless you want complete payment at a time by bank draft or ATM Card which is also acceptable by the organizers of this payment. The total amount mentioned above is with Western Union Payment Outlet in Cotonou, Benin Republic where your payment is allocated.

These funds came to Western Union from WORLD LOTTERY ASSOCIATION (WLA) who said that some time in the past, they had a draw and notified all winners then and have them paid but at that time, some winners did not show up to claim theirs which was blamed at the payment method then so they now decided to use Western Union Money Transfer to pay these people now which you are one of them.


Although some in your category claim they did not receive the notification then which we think must be the same in your case. Note that you will be receiving Five Thousand United States Dollars ($5,000.00) every day until the total amount is transferred unless you decide to receive the payment by bank draft or ATM Card all at a time.

To receive payment, contact by email or phone (Steven Dell) the Western Union Payment supervisor and ask him to give you the MTCN Number you need to pick up the first $5,000.00 today which is after you have send him your revenue TAX. Email Mr. Steven Dell now and ask him to give you the Reference Number and every other information you need to pick up your $5,000.00 now, here is what he will require from you:

Your Receiving Name...
Your Receiving Address...
Your Country...
Your Tel...
Your Age...
Your Occupation...

Note: The only money you will send to him is that country's revenue TAX on foreign transactions which normally cost a little amount and he will need this amount before your first MTCN will be issued officially in the Western Union network and then given to you which means no deducting of winning funds until complete claim, contact him now on this address: ( contact person Steven Dell, (IMPORTANT) Winners are mandated to keep this notification private/secret to avoid fraudulent claim pending the transfer/claim by Winner.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Andrea Mathews

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