Thursday, July 19, 2012



Compliment of the day!

I know this letter might come as a surprise to you especially since we
have never met or discuss before, basically the message might sound
strange but it is factual in reality if only you care to know, The truth
is that I should have notified you first through a more confidential
means, (even if it's at least to respect your integrity) please accept my
humble apologies if I Had caught you unawares, I frankly do not mean any
harm in passing my message.

We are members of the Special Committee for Budget and Planning of the
British Petroleum and Mineral Resources, This committee is principally
concerned with contract appraisal and the approval of contract in order of
priorities as regards capital projects of the British Inland Revenue,
with our positions we have successfully secured for ourselves the sum of
Thirty Million Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds (30.5 Million Pounds)
the amount was accumulated from the over invoice. Hence together with some
of the top officials of the British Petroleum and Mineral Resources, We
plan to transfer this amount of money Thirty million five hundred thousand
Pounds (30.5Million Pounds ) into an overseas account by awarding a non
existing contract from my ministry (BP). To this effect I decided to
contact you and ask for your assistance, what we need from you sir, is to
provide a very vital account in which the fund will be transferred.

My Colleagues and I have agreed to compensate the owner of the account
used for this transaction with 25% of the total amount remitted; we shall
keep 73% and remaining 2% reserved for taxes and other miscellaneous
expenses. Finally the confidence and trust reposed on you cannot be over
emphasized, Therefore you are to keep this Deal to yourself confidentially
because Caliber of personnel's involved are men in government and cannot
effort to loose our respective reputation to our dear country if
jeopardized by you. Please Contact me urgently through this my private
email: ( for our easier communication.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Brian Gilvary,
Audit/Account Dept. BP
London UK

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