Saturday, July 28, 2012



Attention Beneficiary

This bank write to inform you that we have finally resolved the issue concern you out standing payment, your inherited funds with the federal government Republic of Benin West African . Mr. President has issued the final order that the bank should release your funds to you the sum of $ 15,500,000.00 United States dollars with out further delay.

I want to inform you that your $ 15,500.000.00 United States dollars will be delivering to you at home in cash we have finalized every thing with our international diplomat who has agreed to deliver this sum of cash to you at home with out any delay or any problem.

The bank has waited for long to hear from you in other to transfer the funds to you through your bank but since we did not hear from you and the funds is about to be confiscate by the authority here then we have to arrange with the diplomat.

Please be inform that we did not inform the diplomat about the content of the box we only told him that he has to deliver some bank office document for us to your destination so you have to keep this secrete from him until the box been deliver to you.

The fund has been packaged into a salty container box and it has been handed over to the diplomat agent who will deliver the box to you at home.

Please you have to reconfirm the following information immediately because the diplomat will be leaving tomorrow morning so that he can be able to locate you when he arrive to avoid wrongfully delivering.

Yours truly, Name
Home address
Office address
Direct phone number
Cell phone number
A copy of your id for identification

As soon as we receive the fee and following information the diplomat will leave and it will take him just two working days to get to your home all so you will be inform soon as he leave. Respond back to with this E-mail box, and call once you send the message for verification: this is confidencial you must not discuss it with ny one until your receive the box and verify it's content,

Yours in good service
REV DR. Charles Solomon
Call me now, +229-9627-2050


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