Sunday, June 3, 2012

.luggage 122 with Ref No: 1226/X42/206

Dear Beneficiary,

I wish to convey to you that your consignment/funds tagged diplomatic
luggage 122 with Ref No: 1226/X42/206 which you have been processing for a
long time but due to reasons best known to you the transaction
could not be concluded and was abandoned.

Let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Goldberg Martin of the United Nations
international cargo Section. The consignment bears you as the
consignee/beneficiary It was deposited in our vault for safekeeping
and. It is due for immediate collection.

Meanwhile, I have concluded all necessary arrangements to ship it to India
and delivery of the luggage via diplomatic means in cash. In line with
diplomatic shipment acts and policy do furnish us with the
following as set fourth,

(1) Your valid and current address where the consignment will be delivered.
(2) Your valid means of identification
(3) The nearest international airport to your address location.

On receipt of the aforementioned information I will commence shipment and
delivery procedures.

I await your swift response

Goldberg Martin

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