Friday, June 15, 2012

Contact the DHL Courier Company here .

Dear Friend .

I have deposited your Bank ATM CARD sum of $4.6 Million USA Dollars in DHL Courier Company with Registration number Ftd/122p/mtm/2008 Zip Code;0113389.Try to send them all your information including and the Pin Code number will be giving to you once they deliver it to you to avoid hackers not to know the pin code number and withdraw your funds.

5)Attachment picture_____

Note:that the only money you will pay to them is $77 for their stamp duty fee as i have taken care of the delivery charge,so try to comply with them and i assure you they will serve you better .Receiver:Mr. Lawrence Onuorah ) Country: Benin Republic ) Question:Very Urgent? ) Answer: Today. ) Sender: ) Amount US$77 ) MTCN:

Contact the DHL Courier Company here .

contact Dr Brendon Demas
Telephone +229-979 013 33

Best Regards.
Financial Secretary
Mr. John Bills

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