Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Dear Sir,

My name is William Chester. I am a British citizen in the service of the United Nations.I am the head of the United Nation's Monitoring Agency sent to Nigeria to oversee the smooth and unhindered payment of various outstanding contract/inheritance payment to persons who for one thing or the other have not been paid even after meeting all obligations.Our work in Nigeria started few weeks ago.

As a result of complaints from various contractors/fund beneficiaries like you for the inability of the appropriate parastatal/banks to transfer their funds due to sharp practices of some Government functionaries and bank officials,the Government of Nigeria decided to
invite the UN to oversee the payment of these funds to ensure that all beneficiaries receive their funds. In our deliberation with the Presidency of Nigeria and some CBN officials,it was agreed that my office oversee the smooth payment of this overdue funds. In our data
base submitted to us by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the sum of $15.8 million (USD)
should have been remitted into your account. However,we agreed with the Nigerian Presidency that your fund will be paid via bank to bank transfer.

In view of this, we are demanding that you forward your banking details to
this specially set up body of the Central Bank of Nigeria created for this purpose.The email
where you are to direct your details is( Ensure you do not make a typing error)

You are required to respond immediately sending also your phone numbers and ensure that yo send a copy of your email to my email address. As soon as we receive these information, the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA will release your overdue fund to your account without delay under my oversight.

Yours Sincerely

Mr William Chester

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