Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Attention : Sir,

Due to the Oil probe at the Nigeria National Co-operation (NNPC) and the
Federal Ministry of Finance, by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and the
United Nations Intelligent/Policy and Advocacy Departments (UNIPAD) has
been mandated to investigate and clear the claims by some foreign and
local contractors whose contracts payments where stopped for Improper
documentations and Non completion of their assigned contractors.

Furtherance to this probe and investigation by the federal government of
Nigeria and the United Nations Intelligent/Policy and Advocacy Departments
(UNIPAD) 140 companies where cleared and have their payment approved,
after going through their contractor files, by the Accountant General of
the Federation (AGF) and their directors were invited by the Minister of
Finance, out of the number cleared 75 companies and their directors
reported and made their selves available for their payment documentations,
while some companies could not be traced or located since many of them
have relocated to other countries due to the restiveness in the oil rich
region of Nigeria Delta, to continue their operations.

Sequel to this development, the federal government of Nigeria has ordered
the immediate payment approval and remittance of $15.5M USD, as part
payment, to the affected beneficiaries, whose files has been cleared by
the probe committee, headed by Mr. Mohammed A. Waleed, and the Accountant
General of the Federation , to sign the release of the funds to the
beneficiary, the required information's from the beneficiary contractors
are : (A) All Documents related to the executed contracts (b) Your full
names , address and company's name and telephone number (c) Contract Sum.

SECTION: (B) For those contractors who could not find or trace their
contracts documents, we will assist through the committee appointed
Attorney/lawyer, to act on their behalf and obtain all the required
documents upon the presentation of their full personal data, as mentioned

Meanwhile, the following conditions must be adhered to because those
involved in this DEAL are top government officials and not ready to risk
their positions and job, in course of assisting you for the claim of your

(1) We will obtain an Affidavit of Trust and Claim from federal high court
of justice in Nigeria, in your favor as one of the cleared beneficiary.

(2) We will present a written Power of Attorney on your behalf that you
have authorized Barrister (Mrs.) Veronica Alice Magodo, as your business

(3) Barrister (Mrs.) Veronica Alice Magodo, will appear on your behalf
before the Accountant general of the federation to defend your payment and
also collect the approved Certified Bank Draft of $15.5M USD.
(4) We will set aside 2% of the total approved amount which is $15.5M USD,
for all the expenses that we will incur in cause of this transaction.

(5) Upon completion and release of the fund to you, as the beneficiary,
you will have 30% as your share, while myself and other members involved
in this transaction will share 70%.

FINALLY : Note, that this deal must be treated with utmost secrecy and
confidential, because of the our positions, and also bear in mind that
this transaction has been well perfected and risk free to assist you,
since you will not appear in person for personal reasons.

PLEASE NOTE BELOW: If you are not interested do not bother yourself to

forward your reply to Dr Okwedi .G Williams, Email:

I wait your urgent reply.
Mr Gold Frederick Martins.
Member probe committee
Oil subsidy /Finance Ministry.

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