Sunday, October 15, 2017

Attention Sir.

Attention Sir.

I am Barrister Murphy Luckmond,I got your contact through my personal search.I am making this contact in respect to my late client, he died in the King's Cross station underground Bomb blast in London.He is a national of Poland but spent all his business years here in Benin Republic of west Africa. My client is a consultant with foreign companies on oil deal in many african oil countries and he deposited some fund in a Security company.

View this website for more details of the bomb.

Since the death of my client here, I have made enquiries to his country embassy in order to locate any of his children or relatives and present him to the security company as his next of kin, as I am the only person that has all the legal authority and power to provide my client next of kin, but unfortunately all my legal enquiries failed. The security company sent me a routine notice, notifying me that I have little time to provide his next of kin or they will have the fund confiscated by their authority.Since I have failed in all the enquires I made in order to locate my clients next of kin, I have decided after several years of thought to look for a trusted and reliable foreigner whom I will present to the security company as my clients next of kin so that the fund will be released to him.It is risk free and very easy to execute,If you can be trusted and willing to stand as my clients next of kin, let me know immediately so that I will proceed.

I assure to back you up with every documents related to this deposition, as the security company will require them from you for confirmation, proving that you are really the next of kin. All you need to do is to follow my advises and directions and then leave other legal and official steps for me.We will discuss more details as we proceed.Reply through my private email for security

Yours faithfully,

Barrister Murphy Luckmond.

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