Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Investment Offer

Hello Dear,

I am obliged to open this vital business discussion with you for a possible investment partnership.

We have the capacity to provide direct business funding for large investment projects from the network of wealthy Arab Businessmen and also from the Royal Household Investment Group. Our investment capital for Europe and Asia is over USD$9 BILLION Dollars and we have the funds right there In Europe and Asia. We Have funds under management of Finance Companies in (1) Belgium(2) Holland (3) Canada (4) United States of America (USA) (5) Indonesia (6) Malaysia (7) Turkey. However, Before we provide the investment funds, We would like to submit our Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement and Terms for your consideration and endorsement.

Before that, We shall need the following information’s:

1- Telephone Numbers and Fax 404-900-2765
2- The investment Amount required. $100,000

Kindly acknowledge my email for further information on the MOU and Investment Terms.

Reply Email: ( fcmtb@yahoo.com )
Website: https://www.fidelity.com/

Email analysis :

NOTE : adelsayed7777@outlook.com

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