Monday, June 27, 2016

HBR Shared Content from Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent

From Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire West Africa. Tel: 225 40 18 10 95 AgriBusiness Partner Needed. DEAR SIR How are you, I hope you are well and fine. I came to know of you while making a private search for agribusiness partner, I am Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent a native of Baoule, most popular tribes here in my country cote d'iviore, I study here in the university and will be graduating in the next year, i have come to understand that an investor doesn't rely on good luck. Instead, they take the time to consider their investment goals. Then they develop a plan and choose investments that align with their needs and objectives. This is the reason why i am writing you this mail to seek your cooperation in developing the resourcess in my care, I stand as the eldest son of my parent ,late Mr and Mrs Ayoo Blah the rightfull owner of many forest in the west and north of COTE D'IVIORE , my father while still alive sold some potions of lands and forest to chinest investors,and to government the most recongnised forest in the capital city of the economic capital of the country known as BANCO FOREST here in abidjan.and kept the money in suspense accord which is duelly for onward transfer for investment. Sir, its with the vission of becoming an international business investor and i wish to seek collarboration with you to invest in AgriBusiness parternship , the forest exploration,Raw minierals and also lands development with the funds already deposited in the bank by our late parent,therefore, our business plan is to associate with a capable hands to transfer this funds to a secure account abroad. i will be very happy to work with you with all sincerity as i can assure you of good benefits if you can stand as our family business partner and secure this funds to your account for the investment. Looking forward to your soonest response. Yours sincerely. Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent Tel: 225 40 18 10 95

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HBR content shared by Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent
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