Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Can You Handle This?


Greetings! Although, I do not know you in person; I am Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak from Egypt. There uncertainty in Egypt. As a result of political crisis and my husband have a serious problem with the government, for this l need your assistance to receive my reserved fund for safe keeping or for reinvestment in your country.

Be inform, all requirement to transfer the fund to you little by little will be in your name as l will tell my bank you are my foreign manager. If you will render your service to me I will pay you 30% percentage out of the total amount of (50,000,000.00) (U.S.D)

The fund is deposited in Standard Chartered bank Asia, notify me if you can handle my fund as l have made inquiring on how l can transfer the fund to your country for investment and l was advised that l must employed a services of local Citizen in your country.

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NOTE : susane.m@mail.com
NOTE : khailijunai@gmx.com
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NOTE : by angelina.baramultigroup.co.id

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