Tuesday, May 3, 2016


ICPC Benin dependent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses,
United Nations Approved Anti-Fraud Unit Code of Conduct Bureau against Fraud,
funds delay and Impersonation.Plot 802, Constitution Avenue Zone A9 Central Area
P . MB 535, Cotonou-Benin : OUR Ref: ICPC/NG/FG/2016



Does it mean that you are no More Interested of making the claim of $20 Million? The Outstanding Fund of yours which have successful channel to deliver to you by Diplomat Paul Mike through the help of Mr. Raymond Hillary DHL director, and up till this Moment you have DECIDED to REMAIN silent after I have personally took an Oath for you to Secure this Fund on your behalf yo do make sure that we get things done as well. With all due Respect, if you really know that you are no more interested of making this claim of your outstanding fund of yours kindly update me now to cancel this delivery since your negative thought does not allow you to believe on the reality so send me a declaration letter stated that you are no more interested of making the claim so that I will Cancel the delivery. What makes you think that you will Not Secure Access to your Fund as Beneficiary and you should know that I have made Everything Possible for you to receive those funds so kindly go now and send the fee required the sum of US $250 for the sign and stamp of the UN clearance certificate since Mr. Abraham Labored EFCC have promised to help you out to complete the remaining balance. Does it mean that you are internationally wanted to delay this matter? and it has been that I made the Long announcement of release of your fund which is ready to be with you, so with all due respect I advice you to go now and send this Fee immediately without any delay and update me immediately because I want you to secure this fund as a Agreed and signed. I apologize for any delay you Might have encountered in Receiving your Fund in the Past. By Virtue of law, you have to go now and make the payment of the Required Fee as directed below, the fee of $250 should be sent via Money Gram.

Receiver Name: PETER OBI
Country: Benin
City: Cotonou
Test Question; Honest
Test Answer: Trust
Amount: $250.00

Sender Name: _____________________________
MTCN: ____________________________________

Thanks for your Understanding
Best Regard


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NOTE : officepresi.@vega.ocn.ne.jp

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