Saturday, April 9, 2016

Material Inquiry Dubai (U.A.E)

Dear Sir,

There is a product my company needs from Dubai (U.A.E) but we are having problem from the owner of the product due to language barrier.

Our company deals on costumes such as White Diamond Mixture and Green Diamond Mixture.

We have been purchasing the product from Saudi Arabia but it is very scarce now and we got information that somebody has THE PRODUCT IN STOCK in Dubai U.A.E.

We contacted the owner of the product through his telephone number but could not understand his language as he speaks Arabic only, This is why we need a reliable company/individual that will help us link with the man.

His name is Mr. Karim Ibrahim, Please if this proposal interests you, do get back to us for modalities and we will also give you the telephone number of Mr. Karim Ibrahim for you to call and confirm if he has the product we need, the price and the name of the product because the one we want is White Diamond Mixture and Green Diamond Mixture, we use to buy from Saudi Arabia before at the rate of $490 per gram and we need about 4kilos.

Assist us to know if the man has in stock up to 4Kilos and each gram that we are buying, we are adding some commission for your assistance.

Please immediately you confirm reply only through my private email: so as to enable us arrange for our representative that will come with to Dubai.

Sir, we are seriously in need of the product because of lack of materials in our company. Once you confirm, we will be coming twice in a month. Please co-operate with us because this is a life time transaction.


Peter Hamilton.
United Kingdom.

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