Thursday, April 7, 2016


My name is Mrs.Juliet Mark a serving Military man under the Libyan Army, I am in charge of buying Military equipment's, this information I want to relate to you now is very confidential and it should be kept top secret even if you are not interested to work with me, Recently my government approve the sum of US$35M for us to purchase Military equipment with my position I over invoice the purchase of the Military Equipment to the sum of US$6.5M the company have supplied the equipment's and I want to use your name as the sister company that supplied the remaining equipment's that will receive the balance of US$6.5M. This deal is 100% risk free as I have covered every lip hole and documents to backup this US$6.5M into your account will be processed and obtained as well concealed All that I need from you now is your total support commitment and trust to keep and safe guard this funds in your account, please let us work in harmony as brothers to successfully transfer this funds to your account and uphold the secret and trust to each other as brothers, we will share this funds 50/50 to avoid any greed. All I need now is your full name l which will be used to process the document and also process the transfer of this US$6.5M into your account which you will provide. This deal is estimated to last only 14 working days, I will arrange to meet you as soon as the funds is in your custody.

Yours Brother


Mrs. Juliet Mark

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