Tuesday, March 22, 2016

From Musah Riyadh I need you to start helping me receiving the MTCN

Dear Sir,

Greetings to you and all members of your family. Before I proceed further, I will like to introduce myself to you. I am Musah Riyadh, a citizen of Libya but I am presently in Ghana with one trunk box of consignment which contain $10, 000, 000, 00 Ten millions us dollars. However,I ones have a foreign beneficiary who has helped me and has also agreed to help me to receive my funds in Australia and give me a good education while he help me to invest my fund in a profitable business.

But at the point when we started this transaction, some thing happened. He advised me to send him about $1,500,000.00 one million Five hundred thousand us dollars to him via western union gradually. So I took out the said amount from the consignment box and I deposited the other funds inside the consignment in the airport warehouse here in Accra Ghana.

I have successfully tender the $1,500,000 one million five hundred thousand USD to the western union management which where to be remitted to him little by little. And I have given him 24 MTCN before amounting to $180,000.00 USD and the rest funds where in the western union system waiting for the MTCN to be released to him so that he can come down here and arrange for me to go with him to Australia.

So the following day, I went to the western union office to also release another set of MTCN number to him but on calling his line, his wife answered the call and inform me that her husband, my foreign beneficiary was dead through a very gnashly motor accident.

And I was so tired and really fed up of the whole situation. It is almost 8 months plus now since it all happened. I went back to the airport warehouse after few weeks to let them give me my consignment but they said that I must pay for demurrage which has accumulated on the consignments for the period it has been in the airport warehouse where i deposited it.

And I was not allowed to have access to the rest other fund in the airport warehouse. I then went back to the western union to collect the money so that I can pay for the demur-rage and get access to my consignment, but the western union management pointed out that they cannot release the balance $1,320,000 back to me that they can only help me to redirect the funds in their system to another foreign beneficiary if I have any one to provide.

I was confused and I went to a church for counseling where I met with Reverend Joseph Kwarshie whose email rev.josephkwarshie@hotmail.com who gave me your contact and ask me to contact you that you will be able to help me to receive the funds abroad.

So please I want you to reach me with your full details and your direct number so that we can both work together to ensure that the funds is release to you so that you will be able to make some money available for me to claim the rest funds from the airport warehouse I want to also plead with you to contact Mr. Joseph Okine Afrane,Deputy Managing Director of Western Union In-charge of Finance and Credit Accra Ghana.And discuss with him on how possible to release the funds to you.

You may reach him on his direct phone number 00233247527535 any time any day or email him on his email (mgremittancedept@gmail.com) just tell him that I have contacted you and that you are my new foreign beneficiary.

please I want you to keep this transaction confidential between me and you alone.because I don't need third party on this transaction and I want you respond so urgent so that we can get the effectiveness of this whole transaction act once..

I hope to hear from you soon.

Please get back to me through mail.

Thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely,
Musah Riyadh

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NOTE : musahriyadh@gmail.com

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