Monday, March 7, 2016

Email Lottery Winner [Congratulations]


Do you know that the Treasury swallows £10bn every year from unclaimed lottery payments and winnings yearly?

When you sign up/register for an email account or make use of your email account within a specific time frame, your email is automatically registered into worldwide Domains and emails are randomly selected from these domains for a national email lottery draw which is done every three months and winners would be notified by lotto officials or consultants such as myself.

Your email has won the sum of $5,000,000.00 in cash credited to a file in the National email lottery draw. Your e-mail address attached to: Winning numbers 10-14-27-31-32-47-41 Bonus Number. ( 41) WVW309553. Once you respond to this email with your details as listed below for claim, it would be verified and the your file would be forwarded to the paying bank(Harrods Bank UK) for payment process.

If however, you have received a previous notice about any fund or winnings but you have been unable to get it for what so ever reason, please also reply immediately with your name, address and phone number, so that your transaction can be processed and your funds made available to you within 72 hours. Send your replies and details such as, Full Name 2. Address: 3.Age/Gender 4. Occupation 5.Nationality 6.Phone Number ,7. Amount Won ; to the Fiduciary Agent below:

Mrs Kim Thomas

Mrs Jessica Schiller ( National Email Lottery.)

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